East Village Loves Queens

We’ve all been hit hard by the effects of the coronavirus, with countless New Yorkers getting sick, or being left without money for food and rent. Our neighbors over in Queens have been the hardest hit, with many people being devastated by the effects of the virus. 

This area already had massive financial challenges long before COVID-19 hit. In this last month, many of the food pantries closed down, cutting off resources to those who need them the most. There is a major food pantry still standing—our friends over at Hungry Monk—and they urgently need our help to feed those devastated by this virus. They used a whole year’s pantry in one month feeding 10,000 families, and now they need our help to keep doing their vital work. 

Who are we?

We started EV Loves Queens as a volunteer service for those in the East Village, LES, Alphabet City and surrounding areas as a way to step in and help those in our city with the greatest challenges. So far:


Meals served


Family pantry bags donated


lb of grocery donated

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) Supports hungry monks

AOC went out with the Hungry Monks for a delivery, and in this video she shares why it’s essential to donate to their cause in this time.


How can you help?

We know it’s a time when many of you have already donated to worthy causes. There are many cafes, restaurants and other businesses still standing because of the generosity of those in the East Village, LES and Alphabet City. This is a time where New Yorkers have come together in a way that perhaps they haven’t done since 9/11, and we are hoping that you will be able to step in and help.

 Each week we purchase a ton of bulk pantry items to give to the Hungry Monks. We also cook around 1000 portions of food at C&B cafe for the soup kitchens in Queens. 100% of what you donate goes directly to feeding the people in need.

Whether you overbought pantry items at the start of the pandemic, can spare 1 or 2 items, buy an extra bag for us each time you shop, or want to send to us directly through Amazon, you can deliver pantry items to our East Village outpost.

Our Cookathons

Every Week, We cook over around 1000 meals for Hungry Monks.

Episode 1: On Monday April 27th, thanks to Cafe C&B on East 7th, we cooked 650 hot meals. We also provided A TON (1000 kilograms / 2200 lb) of dry pantry food to Hungry Monks. We are doing this every Monday in the East Village, and this week our aim is 700 cooked meals plus plus 100 family size pantry packs.


Episode 2: On Monday May 4th, thanks to Cafe C&B on East 7th, we cooked 700 hot meals. We also provided 100 family packs of pantry weighing(2000 kilograms / 2400 lb) to Hungry Monks. We are doing this every Monday in the East Village.